“This is the first time in the history of the NFPT that I endorse a product.  I endorse this product because it is not only the best suspension exercise product on the market but it carries an educational and programming component like no other”.

Ron Clark, CEO, National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT)

“I sent my staff to Florida to get certified and learn the SBT System.  Since then our small group classes are filled to capacity and my investment has paid off tenfold".

Enrique Gomez, Owner, The Gym Franchise, Yucatan Mexico

“I have used and tried every suspension product on the market at IHP.  Now, we have nothing but SBT at IHP.  SBT is the best suspension product with the best education in the industry”.

J.C. Santana, CEO, Institute of Human Performance and world renowned Fitness Educator

“I love the durability of the straps and the training methodologies.  SBT is all we use at Orange Theory Fitness”.

Ellen Latham, Founder, Orange Theory Fitness

”I have been using SBT at my facility since it hit the market.  My members and staff love the versatility and common sense design.  I highly recommend the SBT system and training principles to any gym owner".

Charles DeFrancesco, Owner, Fit and Functional

"I was introduced to SBT extreme at the IDEA world convention 2016. I was watching one of the guys doing a demo at the booth and really liked the idea of the extra stability it offered versus the popular TRX I had been using. I purchased 2 of them for my Training Studio and replaced the TRX. All of my clients have enjoyed using it and I really like the extra stability factor for safety training them as well as for my own training. It's durable and easier to adjust as well! Thanks SBT for your knowledge of Biomechanics & concern for safety!! Our clients can't get results and we can't help them reach their goals injured"!!
Sonya Renea Roemisch, B.S. CPT, Owner & Fitness Pro at Younique Physique
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