SBT Offers two certification programs: 

SBT Personal Training Certification 

The SBT Personal Training Coach Certification teaches personal trainers how to build safe programs using the SBT System, how to progress or regress, how to teach and coach good form and technique, how to sell their services with SBT, and how to differentiate SBT from other previous applications of Suspension Exercise on the market and use it as SBT Specifically teaches.  We strongly believe and reinforce year after year that to use a product you have to know the product.   Knowing one suspension product does not mean you know SBT.  We have had endless students that have been through other Suspension Exercise Certifications rave about how much they have learned, that they wish they would have known earlier, after taking our course.   The SBT System definitively offers trainers and their clients unsurpassed functionality and safety never before seen until the launch of the first SBT system  in 2011.  Today, SBT can be used in over 1000 facilities worldwide including Orange Theory Fitness who’s owners know and use SBT for it’s superior benefits, LA Fitness, Oxygen Fitness for Her, and many many more. 

During the 8 hour course sanctioned by NFPT, NASM, ACE, AFAA, & NCSF, as a continuing education credit awarded program students will learn how to maneuver the SBT System, how to use it for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced client, and all participants are put under the gun and must demonstrate good proper form as they would instruct a new client. 

SBT Small Group Training Certification

The SBT Group Training Certification is an 8 hour course that takes trainers beyond the basics learned in the SBT Personal Training Coach Certification and integrates tools such as the Bosu®, , Kettlebells, Bands, and Dumbbell’s which we feel are staple foundations that should never be overlooked or left aside. 

During the 8 hour course sanctioned by NFPT, NASM, ACE, NCSF, and NSCA as a continuing education credit awarded program students will learn how to create high intensity protocols using the SBT System in combination with Kettlebells, Bands, Dumbells, & Bosu.  After completion of the course the participant is assured to be able to run groups of clients of varying shapes and levels of fitness through a high caloric expenditure workout using the 10 predesigned templates that are included in the manual.  

Why take a LIVE or On-Line Segmented official SBT Programmed Course?

The best way to truly learn is from the professional’s.  At SBT we have a team backed by the NFPT, National Federation of Professional Trainers to assist us with the development of all scientific components and programming using SBT.   Learning from YouTube, magazines, or mimicking what others do without knowing real science is not the way to go. 

Get Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

If you are a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), then submit your SBT certificate of completion to your certification provider for CECs/CEUs. 

CEC Pre-Approved:

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